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Services for exchangers

Creating of unique design

We can create individual turnkey design for you. It includes: design creation, adaptive layout, design programming and its setting to the engine. You can see our works in the relevant section.

from 1600 USD.
Promotion to monitorings

We will promote the exchanger and help you to be added to the most popular monitoring of exchangers:,, Duration of works from 3 months.

Short list of works: site SEO optimization, registration and placement of topics on forums, support for topics on forums, adding an exchanger to site directories, adding an exchanger to reviews, adding to monitoring. Learn more about the service at the link.

On request
sсript updates and CMS installating

We will upgrade the sсript and CMS to the latest version

55 USD.
Website relocation/reinstalling

We will reinstall the website from scratch, or migrate the website to another server.

50 USD reinstall, from 200 USD transfer.
SSL certificate installation

We will buy and install a SSL certificate, and configure the website. The service cost includes the cost of the SSL certificate or a free certificate from (if you order this service).

70 USD.

We will connect the website to the CDN service to the free tariff, which will hide the server where the website is located. The SSL certificate is also provided at the free tariff. Depending on the tariff plan, the function of protection against DDoS attacks can be enabled.

100 USD.
Configuring security of server

Let’s configure the server security for maximum server protection from hacking:
– Install the latest software on the new server;
– Configure the firewall (close the external ports);
– Configure the ISP Manager server control panel;
– We will follow the safety recommendations from our user manual.

490 USD. mail connection

We will connect the website to, which will allow messages sent from the website to avoid getting to junk mail. It will also hide the real IP address of the server where the website is located, which will have a positive effect on the website security.

60 USD.
Configuring payment system merchants and auto payout modules

We will configure all required merchants and automatic payout modules of payment systems to an exchange office.

60 USD for merchant or auto payout module, 50 USD for merchant + auto payout module.
Adding of currencies and exchange directions

Аdd the necessary currencies and exchange directions.

1 USD for each currency, 4 USD for each direction.
Development of new merchants and auto payouts for individual use

We will develop a merchant and automatic payments for any payment system/cryptocurrency/bank for individual use. The service must have a public API interface and documentation. The total cost of the module depends on the complexity of the API interface. Updating modules for new versions of the sсript is included in the price.

From USD 3250 (per merchant or payout module).
Commercial integration for companies

For payment services that want to be among the modules available for free for more than 200 exchangers on our software, commercial integration is provided. As part of this service, we do:

1. Development of modules for the latest version of Premium Exchanger. Development for older versions for an additional fee.
2. Updating modules for new versions of Premium Exchanger.
3. Sending promo messages in our TG channel and in the admin panels of exchangers.
4. Technical user support if the issue is on our side.
5. Publication of information about the module on our website in the appropriate section.

The service must have a public API interface and documentation. The final cost of the module depends on the complexity of the API interface.

From USD 4900 (per merchant or payout module).
Technical support

Technical support for purchased (not rented) licenses Premium Exchanger after 12 months of using the license.

USD 10 per 1 ticket or USD 99 per month / USD 990 per year without limitations
Guarantor services/sale and purchase of the existing exchange offfices

Guarantor services in deals of purchase and sale of any Internet resources.

Help to buy or sell the existing exchange office (we will act as a guarantor of the deal).

Custom for each website.