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We can create individual turnkey design for you. It includes:

  • One option layout of the main page and 5 internal pages;
  • Adaptive layout;
  • Design programming and site engine setting;
  • Free design adaptation to further updates of exchanger.

Cost of services starts from 1600 USD. Final cost is set after the technical enquiry evaluation. Order the creation of a unique design.

If you are planning to order the design somewhere else, we recommend you to think of consequences and problems. In our experience we can say that there can be both designer and developer work of low-quality as they are not aware of engine details and possibilities or they don’t want to look into a matter. Sometimes we have to redraw substandard or inconsistent with requirements design layouts, than re-convert to HTML and integrate it to the engine. Due to poor performance customers lose money and overpay.

If you wish the design to be made by your designer, and layout and integration is left to us, such work will have a multiplying complexity factor: x3. In this case, ask our technical support for technical requirements to the design.

Below you can see works made by our designers to our customers.

Design for an exchange office