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Exchange trading module

For Premium Exchanger for 2.4 and above, a paid exchange trading module is available.

Using the module, you can perform trading operations on the exchange, depending on the status of the application. At the moment, the module works with the Binance and Garantex exchanges. The number of supported exchanges is expanding.

The main purpose of the module is hedging the exchange rate in automatic mode. As soon as the application receives the status you set, the trading action takes place on the exchange according to the scenario you configured. The module has flexible settings. For more information on how it works, see the video:

The cost of the module is 1990 USD. The module is paid additionally from the Premium Exchanger sсript itself. Module rental is not provided. The module has a domain name license that covers all of your domain names at no additional cost.

According to information from those exchangers that use the module, the income from exchanges increased by 10-20% due to its use + the possibility of the exchanger working around the clock due to the automation of this process.

To purchase and for any questions, write to technical support.