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Promotions to monitorings

The purpose of the promotion is to add the exchange office to the most popular monitoring:,, The minimum promotion period is from 3 months and depends on the lifetime of the site. We cannot guarantee a 100% result of adding, because the monitoring administration makes the final decision on the listing of the exchanger.

The first month of work will be $1190 per site. Subsequent months at $490 per month per site.

The cost of work includes:

  1. Website optimization: adding meta tags, titles and copywriting.
  2. Registration and posting topics on 35 forums:,,, and others.
  3. Daily support for all topics on the forums.
  4. Adding an exchanger to site directories.
  5. Adding exchangers to reviews:,,,,, and others.
  6. Weekly progress reports
  7. Support when adding to monitoring:,, and others. An additional budget is also allocated for monitoring, which asks for deposits when adding:
  • – 30$
  • – 30$
  • – 30$
  • – 300$
  • – $300
  • – 300$
  • – 125$