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Online intensive

Exclusive online intensive (mentoring) on working with the exchanger and managing this business.

A confirmation certificate of completion of training is issued with a direct link to our website to confirm its authenticity.

Who is the expert: the current administrator of the exchanger with more than 7 years of experience and several sites in Bestchange.

Training format: individual calls in Zoom/Google meet.

Duration of training: 20 lessons of 1-1.5 hours. Additional lessons are paid separately if there is such a need.

Requirements for a candidate:

  • there should be a basic understanding of how the exchanger and the crypt work.
  • you need to understand the basics of the site admin.
  • there must be a running site on Premium Exchanger 2.4.
  • you need a paid trading module, but we will provide it for free for the duration of the training.
  • the presence of desire and perseverance to delve into the essence of the processes will be difficult.

Pricing: 13 500 10 990 $ per online intensive.

Payment in 3 stages:

  • 3000$ before the start
  • 4000$ in 2-3 weeks
  • 4000$ in another 2-3 weeks

Additional lessons if necessary at a cost of $300 per hour.

To sign up for an intensive and questions, write to the Telegram.

Training program

1. Acquaintance.
We will tell you what is included in the training package and what is the ultimate goal of training.
Prospects for working with a crypto exchange. How much can you earn with effort. Earning ceiling, what restrictions exist.
Risks and their understanding.
Result: find out how much you can earn, how much time you need to spend and what are the risks.

2. Server, site and security of working with them as a user.
We will tell the basic principles of security, the correct approach to this issue.
Desktop and hardware security based on the experience of the crypto exchange owner.
Result: you will learn how to secure the exchanger and server from hackers and scammers.

3. Website, site admin panel.
What is included in the exchanger sсript.
How modules work and how they are applied in practice.
Result: learn how to use the functionality of the exchanger.

4. Directions of exchange.
Creation of exchange directions. Minimum requirements in terms of SEO for creating exchange directions (exchanger experience).
Exchange direction templates in relation to SEO (exchanger experience).
Result: learn how to set up SEO referrals to get free leads from search.

5. What are the directions of exchange.
Highly profitable exchange directions at the moment.
How to determine a highly profitable direction of exchange.
Result: learn how to find highly profitable areas and earn money on them.

6. Payment systems.
How to work with them. Risks of working with payment systems.
Communication with payment system administrators (exchanger experience)
How not to get on fraudulent payment systems.
Result: learn how to work with current payment systems and learn how to avoid scammers.

7. Course parsers.
Course parser formulas. Building formulas: what is the principle.
The purpose of using course parsers. Possibilities of course parsers.
Trading module: how it works and why it is needed.
Result: learn to work in plus on exchanges.

8. Affiliate program module.
Bestchange requirements for affiliate program and exchange directions.
Experience with Bestchange monitoring.
Result: learn how to work with Bestchange correctly.

9. Card verification module.
How to verify cards, minimum requirements.
Working with your cards when exchanging and what are the risks.
Result: learn how to do card and identity verification, as well as how to work with your cards and what are the risks.

10. Work with merchants and automatic payments.
General approach to settings.
Result: learn to automate the exchange.

11. Fulfillment of requests.
Order execution statuses.
Linking order execution statuses to the modules for recalculating rates and amounts, to the trading module.
Objective: Learn how to properly process applications.

12. Work practice.
Questions and answers to them.
Result: in practice, make real exchanges.