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1USD = 63.9542 RUB
1USD = 63.9542 RUB
1USD = 0.000121692993 BTC
1USD = 0.00569119572 ETH
1USD = 0.859549596012 EUR

Support hours:
• Mon – Fri: 10 to 20 (UTC +3);
• Sat: free schedule;
• Sun: day off.

Sale and purchase of the existing exchange offices: help to buy or sell the existing exchange office. We will act as a guarantor of the deal. For more information write to [email protected]
E-currency Auto Exchanger Script Premium Exchanger

Version: 1.6

Update date: 21.09.2019

How to order?
5490 $
Rent per month
190 $

Performance of the Currency Exchange Script

  • Automatic exchange without an operator or an operator confirmation. Switchable mode
  • Semi-automatic exchange with an operator. Exchange procedure (graphical scheme): exchange request → online payment through the payment system site using merchant payment provider→ payment verification by the operator of the exchanger → manual transfer to the client;
  • Manual exchange with an operator. Exchange procedure: exchange request → manual transfer of the client funds to specified invoice details→ payment verification by the operator of the exchanger → manual transfer to the client;

Merchants and Modules of Autopayment

All merchants and modules of autopayment are provided free. You can have a look at their work in the online demo version. The development of merchants and modules for autopayment is available to customize.

  • Autopayment modules within or without an operator or an operator confirmation: Webmoney, Perfect Money,, Visa/Master RUB via, Qiwi, Privat24, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Exmo code, Livecoin code, Binance, (BTC), (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH and etc), (BTC, LTC, DOGE),, Nixmoney, Epay,, Adgroup, BitexBook/BitexBook code,,;
  •   Merchants Merchant is a mechanism that redirects the client to the payment site to make payment after creating the request on the exchanger site. Then the merchant returns the customer back to the exchanger site. In other words the merchant is an automated method of receiving payments from customers. available: WebMoney, Perfect Money,, Visa/Master RUB via, Qiwi, Privat24, LiqPay, Paymer, (BTC), (BTC, LTC, DOGE), (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH and etc),, Coinbase, PayPal, Paxum, Payeer, NixMoney, Advanced Cash, Livecoin code, Exmo code, BitexBook code, Epay,, Adgroup,,;
  • Available modules for automatic cryptocurrency purchase The module automatically buys the required amount of cryptocurrency on the stock exchange and then payouts it to the user conducting the exchange on your website. for the user requests: Binance, BitexBook;
  • Adding an unlimited number of payment systems, banks, money transfer systems and currencies through the control panel for manual exchange.

Сurrency Exchange Script Main Functions

  • CMS WordPress 5.x (free-of-charge distribution);
  • Mobile version of the website;
  • Multi language of the user and the administration interface. Default support of English and Russian. Other languages can be added on one’s own. You can display the direction of exchanges for the selected language only;
  • RTL support;
  • 4 types of site users: Administrator, Manager, Operator, User;
  • Internal user account with the possibility to replenish and withdraw funds from the account via making exchange;
  • Exchange rate XML file supports such commissions parameters as minfee, fromfee, tofee, city, param, minamount;
  • Work in the control panel with the requests and exchange areas without page refreshing;
  • rates parser;
  • Exchange rate parsing from: Binance, Livecoin, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Okcoin, Blockchain, Coinmarketcap, BitexBook, Exmo, Bitstamp, CB RF, ECB, NBU, NLRK, NBRB, (USD, EUR, RUB, CNY, UAH, BYN, KZT, BTC, LTC, ETH, DSH and other);
  • Auto correcting of the exchange rate with reference to the CB or your own rate;
  • Setting the rate (depending on the amount of exchange, from the reserve), the minimum and the maximun amount of the payment system commission to each direction of an exchange;
  • Linking the exchange rate on the site to the exchange rate of another exchanger;
  • Exchange rate and reserve currency parser from file;
  • Automatic updаte of currency reserves based on the performed operations;
  • Adding new types of currency (for example, USD, EUR, RUB etc. );
  • Adding additional fields to the exchange form;
  • Setting the number of decimal place for each currency;
  • Daily and monthly limits for currency accounts;
  • Note designer for merchants;
  • Exchange order card. Order editor;
  • Filtering of the requests by specific payment systems or payment system groups while dealing with requests;
  • Logging of merchants, errors of automatic payouts, changes in exchange rates;
  • Checking of the digital wallet type;
  • Prohibition of an exchange by IP address or country;
  • SEO settings of the exchanges destinations;
  • Import/export of the exchange rate and direction. Exporting of exchanges to csv file;
  • Email notification to users and the administrator about changing the status of a request for the exchange;
  • Email and SMS confirmation of the exchange order creation;
  • Verification of users and their bank details through uploading images;
  • Extended information about the user performing an exchange: IP, Country;
  • User’s personal account;
  • Automatic user registration while performing the exchange;
  • Cumulative discount system for loyal customer, personal discount;
  • Multilevel affiliate program, individual partnership interest;
  • Affiliate program payment in any currency;
  • Auto – substitution of user’s bank details while filing a request;
  • Customer Blacklists;
  • Publication of reviews;
  • User reserve request;
  • SMS gates and You can connect alternative gates;
  • Users investing;
  • Checking of Webmoney exchanges via X19 interface;
  • Checking of Perfect Money account verification before an exchange;
  • Extended Financial Statistics for all types of currencies;
  • Sitemap and tariff system. XML sitemap of all the pages and areas of exchanges ;
  • Widget for exchange rates;
  • Navigation menu adjustment, adding new pages and news;
  • And much more.

The script comes with a standard design presented on the screen-shots below.

Four color schemes:

  • Green;
  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • Blue.

Three ways of currency selection:

  • Table;
  • Plate;
  • List.

Two ways for creating the form to bids:

  • Under the choice of currencies with no page refreshing;
  • On the new page.
We can create a unique design for your demands. Terms and costs are specified after agreeing the technical enquiry for the design . The cost of design and work stats from USD 700/1000: design in psd, coding, integration.

Dashboard has all the necessary functions for an operator comfortable and convenient work. The number of functions is so great that it makes no sense to list them.

Video with the dashboard of the exchanger.

Several screen-shots of the dashboard.

Premium Exchanger can be used in accordance with the following schemes:

I. Product rent with monthly fee

Minimum rental period of the product for 1 domain is 3 months. Further prorogation of a lease starts from 1 month.

Monthly fee is charged for the rental of the product and its size depends on the required number of licenses (domains):

  • license for 1 domain name – 190 USD;
  • merchants and modules are available to download for free;
  • free advices on working with a script.
Discount for package payment
Discount providing for prepayments for several months:

  • If you pay for 4 months or more, the discount is 5 % from the total sum;
  • If you pay for 8 months or more, the discount is 10 % from the total sum;
  • If you pay for 12 months or more, the discount is 15 % from the total sum.

Important notice!

  • Monthly fee is not returned. In particular, for prepaid months of product rent. Refund is possible only where there were no downloading of license and script in your back-office;
  • The license is bound to one domain name. In addition to the base license you get a free one for the one technical domain;
  • The script work is blocked. If the fee is paid for one month, the license will only be valid for this month. If there is no payment after an expiration of the paid term of license subscription, the work of the site is blocked.
  • The domain name can be changed. You can change domain name one day before the end of the paid term end and paid next month of license usage;
  • There are encrypted files. Those files, without any malware, contain some features of the product, therefore their code can not be edited. File encryption is mandatory and necessary for the licensing of the product. The script is not available without encrypted files.

II. Buying a script with no monthly fee

The script costs 7000 USD 5490 USD with a license for one domain.

The license cost for the second and subsequent additional domain names is 5490 USD 4118 USD per each.

Important notice!

  • Monthly fee is not charged. Additional modules and merchants are free.
  • The license is bound to one domain name. In addition to the base license you get a free one for the technical domain;
  • Changing the domain name for the license is impossible;
  • The license has no expiry date;
  • There are encrypted files. Those files, without any malware, contain some features of the product, therefore their code can not be edited. File encryption is mandatory and necessary for the licensing of the product. The script is not available without encrypted files.

In developing the software for an exchange, we worked thoroughly over the necessary measures to protect it from intruders:

  • Hidden address chosen in the dashboard;
  • Two Factor Authentication in the dashboard;
  • Defence against XSS and CSFR attack;
  • Protection against SQL-injection;
  • Protection against spoofing client details and exchange office.

We guarantee the correct performing of the product and the absence of any malware. Our experience in the field of exchange is trusted by major projects with standby funds of more than 1 000 000 USD.

Requirements to the Server of an exchange office:

  • PHP 5.6, 7.1, 7.2 (Attention! PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 are not supported);
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher;
  • ionCube Loader 10.2.5 or higher;
  • Job Scheduler (cron);
  • Required PHP functions, extensions, and libraries: iconv, mb, curl, gd, , mcrypt, soap, zip, gmpobject, strlen, sprintf, ip2long, serialize, unserialize, crypt, parse_str, json_encode, strtr, strstr, round, parse_url, simplexml_load_string, array_search.

We recommend to place the exchanger on Linux VPS virtual servers by reliable and trusted web hosting providers (SSD-VPS-3 and above) or (pre-set VPS with 2048 Mb or above RAM). Minimum amount of RAM on VPS server is 2Gb. Recommended amount of RAM on VPS server is 4Gb. We recommend to use ISP Manager 5 Lite as a dashboard.

Why renting a script when I can buy it?
In fact, it is cheaper to buy once than to pay rent every month. However the sum of money to be paid is quite large.
Is the script hosted on my server if I rent it?
The rented script is hosted on your server.
Do you refund money?
If you bought the script, money are non-refundable. If you prepaid several months of script usage but decided not to use it, money is not to be returned due to the lack of technical possibilities to prevent the downloaded license usage. Refund is possible only where there were no downloading of license or script in your back-office. While performing the refund the payment system takes its own fee.
What will happen with a website if I delay a payment of rent?
A website will stop working, but after a renewal of a license, it will work again.
Do you offer free updates?
All updates are free and available to download in back office.
May I change domain name in the license?
If you bought a script, changing of domain name is impossible. If you rent a script, you can change domain name to a new one day before the end of the paid term. The work of the script on the old site will be stopped.
Can I customize the script work before placing it on the primary domain?
We provide a free license for a technical domain for each basic license. It allows you to customize the script in accordance with your demands before applying it to the master domain. In general, technical domain is a second or third level one.
Can I change the design myself?
The source code of the design is totally open therefore you can change it at discretion.
Do I have to buy additional modules and merchants?
All merchants and modules are available for free.
Can I improve the script without assistance?
The script contains a few coded system files. Thus, if the modification is related to the code changing in those files, it is impossible.
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