Beware of scammers! The product can be purchased only via the shopping cart on our website. There is no payment via instant messengers or partner's website.
1USD = 63.18208 RUB
1USD = 0.000061950192 BTC
1USD = 0.000859328005 ETH
1USD = 0.859549596012 EUR
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Before purchase

Payment options

Payment for products and registration services of hosting and domain is made online via following payment systems:

  • USDT TRC20
  • Perfect Money USD
  • Advanced Cash USD
  • Payeer USD
  • YooMoney RUB
  • Visa, MasterCard, Maestro credit card

Services listed in the “Services” section are to be paid by the direct money transfer to the specified invoice details received after the agreeing of a particular service.

Delivery options

You can download the product and modules in your personal account in the “Your scripts” section just after the payment.


The software sold on our website is licensed for one domain name or subdomain (there is a domain attachment). It is shown after the payment in the user’s personal account in the “Your licenses” section.

  • If you buy a sсript, changing, altering or replacing the license to another domain is impossible. In case you need it, you have to buy an additional license for the second domain/subdomain and so on. For the second and following licenses there is an automatically activated discount, if you make purchase in shopping cart. The license never expires. We do not have technologies allowing us to disable your license remotely.
  • If you rent a sсript, changing of the domain name to another one is possible one day before the end of the paid lease term. The validity of the license and operation of the site is limited to by the paid lease term. We do not have technologies allowing us to disable your license remotely.

If you want to install the software on multiple domains/subdomains, you need to buy or rent as many licenses as many domain names you have.

Several system product files are encrypted. These files contain some product functions, they do not allow editing the program code and they do not contain any malicious code. File encryption is mandatory and necessary for licensing of the product. The sсript is not provided without encrypted files.


The product is a digitaly and technically complex, that cannot be returned. After the payment, you immediately become the owner of the product, which is available for downloading in your personal account in the “Your scripts” section.


All product’s files, but for a few encrypted files, have code open for editing. All changes in the code are done at your own risk. Your changes in the code may conflict with the updates, which we release periodically. We do not provide consultations concerning the product’s code.

If you have any comments and suggestions on improving the product, you can list them to us, and we will consider them and try to implement in the official product updates.

Technical support

We provide free technical support to our customers. There are also some paid services within the technical support. We do not provide consultations concerning the product’s source code. There are instructions on installing and user manual for the product, which are available in your personal account after the purchase.


All updates for the product are free and available in your personal account on the site. Any updаte comes with step by step instruction on the updаte installing.